Software Engineer | Coach | Consultant

I'm Nikolas Martens. I build web applications, help people become better programmers, and deal with legacy systems.

I'm living in Berlin and am currently available for software consultancy, as a developer of web applications, for automated testing workshops and as personal software coach.

Software Engineer

I'm specialized in building lean prototype applications to test domain and market assumptions - nowadays called Minimal Viable Products. I can help you find out how good your idea is as quickly and cheaply as possible.


If you would like to become a professional software developer or if you already are but are looking for ways to improve you skills, then together we'll unlock your full potential in one-on-one coaching sessions, and make sure you can do your work with joy and pride.


I advice individuals and teams to become more productive and content with their work by applying a mix of proven and modern software engineering best practices. I'm specialized on automated testing and working with complex legacy systems.

Latest Articles

In my blog, I philosophize about software, testing and my approaches to mostly technical topics.

Bhutan Part Two

Somehow I thought that time would slow down a bit if I move to such a different place. But it didn't. Not a bit. A third of my time in Bhutan is already over - 121 days to go, 61 down. » read more

The Problem with Money

For a long time I've been having the faint feeling, that something is fundamentally wrong with money. With the way it's created, the way it's used, the way it drives our actions. I could never quite put my finger on it but the feeling was always there when I thought about economy, capitalism and welfare. Only recently I could put the puzzle together and found a way to fix money. » read more

Bhutan Part One

Two weeks ago, I packed my bags, got on a plane and flew to the small kingdom Bhutan in south-east Asia, where I'm gonna stay for the next six months. So mostly for keeping track of my time here myself, I want to write about it every once in a while. Hope you enjoy. » read more

Open Source Projects

Stuff I'm working on.


domin ( domain model interface ) is an administration interface for abstract Domain Models using the Command Object pattern.


dox publishes executable specification in a human-friendly and easily browsable way.


The Web Application Tool Kit - a collection of libraries that can help you building lean, scalable web applications quickly.


mockster is a full-fledged, zero-configuration mocking framework for PHP.

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